If you are looking to purchase or build a skate ramp you have come to the right place. Here we give you an extensive overview of things you need to know and be aware of when getting a ramp for your home. 

Two main things to consider are: 

What space do I have available?

What is my budget? 

For limited space and budget we recommend choosing one of our portable quarter pipes along with the street skate elements. These can be wheeled out onto your driveway for a quick skate session and stored in your garage.  

Looking to get a mini ramp?  

Mini ramps are considered as skate ramps without a vertical slope. Usually any half pipe that is 6ft high or under. Mini ramps are one of the funnest things you can have in your backyard if you like to skate at the convenience of your home. These are great for every level of skater to learn the basic tricks. 

What size mini ramp should I get? 

2FT Half Pipe - ideal for a garage mini ramp or where space is limited. This is a great starting point for younger skaters and beginners to learn their first tricks. 

3FT Half Pipe - one the most common fun size mini ramps. Any skater would love to have this in their backyard! 

4FT Half Pipe - just enough extra height to give you that speed and pop for airs!

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