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One box that does it all! One side features a slanted edge with a round rail where you can practice your slappy grinds. Slappy - a grind trick where you literally slap your skateboard on a curb without actually ollieing onto it. The other side has a 90 degree angle iron for grinds and slides. Being only 15cm tall - its good for beginners to learn new tricks, but its also wide enough (60cm) for doing all your manuals and other combos. Combine this box with our other skate park elements! Comes with wheels and handles.

More information below about features, shipping and assembly. 

Surface material:

All our skate supply elements are built super solid from high quality materials to be able to take the beating and withstand the elements of weather. 




CNC machine cut F17 Formply phenolic laminated sides and platforms.

H3 treated pre-cut timbers.

- Easy to assemble. Step by step instructions included. 

- Galvanized heavy duty rails and hardware. 

-  Stainless steel screws.

- All cut edges and CNC cut ramp parts are sealed with weather shield paint to protect the plywood from moisture and prevent delamination. This is a critical step to ensure the longevity of ramp parts. 

        Flat packs: All our products are shipped using TNT or TOLL Ipec. Flat packs arrive on 1-2 pallets. Larger half pipe kits are shipped to your door and unloaded by tailgate(available to metropolitan areas). Some areas we can only ship to your nearest depot where you can collect the flat pack using a trailer/van/truck. If unsure email us ko.ramps@gmail.com 

        Local Installation (currently only available in QLD): If you live within a 150km radius of Gold Coast, QLD we can assemble and deliver the ramp for you for an additional charge. Choose this option if you would like us to assemble your product. Once we have received your order we will contact you and schedule an installation/assembly. 

        - Local delivery (currently only available in QLD): We can deliver any flat pack to your door for a small extra fee. You can choose this option on the checkout.

        - Local Pickup: If you would like to pick up your ramp from our warehouse, there is no additional delivery charge. You can choose this during checkout. We will contact you once your order is ready for pickup. 

        - Quoted installation: If you live outside the 150 km radius of Gold Coast, but would like us to install/assemble your product. Send us a message on our Contact page or email ko.ramps@gmail.com 

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