Some kind words from our happy customers: 

Pete's 4ft high x 4.8m wide half pipe in Redz Ramp Surface

"Keijo (KO) has lovingly built my dream mini ramp.  I am so grateful for Keijo and his craftsmanship to turn that dream into a reality.  This was not a quick turnaround with inferior products, this is a work of art that will stand the test of time with quality materials used.   I have managed to learn some new tricks since the ramp has been installed and as I am about to hit 50 years of age, I am stoked about and the future of skating on this KO ramp.  Thanks Keijo for keeping it real and for your dedication to your craft."  Chef Pete Evans


2ft skate ramp mini

Samuel's 2ft high and 2.4m wide half pipe in Pro Skate ramp surface.

''KO provided an amazing customer service for us. Ramp quality is incredible. And priced very fairly. We’ll be back when the kids, wife and I grow out of the 2 foot!'' Samuel P

Cam's 4ft high and 3.0m wide half pipe in Redz ramp surface

''KO delivered and installed an amazing 4 foot half pipe into our backyard. The quality of the workmanship and attention to detail is first class.

We were so impressed we actually ordered another 2 foot quarter pipe for our barn so the kids can skate indoors. I would definitely recommend him KO to anyone In the market for a new skate ramp.'' Campbell R

Mikey's 3ft high and 3.6m wide half pipe in Skateply ramp surface

''I couldn't be happier with my purchase. After deciding on the dimensions Ko came over and got the build done beautifully. The surface is the perfect amount of grip to smooth ratio and the best coping. Stands strong in the weather too. Best ramps out there!'' Mikey T

Benny's 3ft high and 3.0m wide half pipe in Pro Skate ramp surface

''My experience with KO Ramps was incredible! I was looking for a mini ramp for my kids and stumbled upon their Instagram. I could tell right away from the posts and comments that I'd found something special. Their website made it really easy to get an idea of the product and pricing, but what's impressed me the most is just how quickly these guys built such an amazing ramp! The materials are incredible, it feels buttery smooth and fast. It looks awesome, and the kids, family and have been on it every day!'' Benny B  

Ty's 3ft high and 3.0m wide half pipe in Skateply ramp surface

"My wife and I started looking for a ramp at the start of Covid, we looked at a bunch of different companies but KO RAMPS stood out from the rest with total control to customise and using only the BEST quality materials available. 

Our order arrived quickly, they can assemble it for you or you can assemble it yourself with his simple step by step instruction guide and everything being pre cut and drilled and all tips and screws supplied in the price, so I did it myself with my wife.

I was super happy with my work and the outcome of our new ramp, we loved it, the neighbors and friends all loved it too. I could not recommend Keijo or his products enough, have had friends also purchase a KO RAMP and they are all stoked with their purchase. 

Best of luck to Keijo and the KO RAMPS FAMILY !! Cheers!" Ty O