Don't make the mistake of building a disposable ramp.

Building or buying a skateramp for your backyard is a big investment and will be there for a long time. At KO Ramps we take pride building high quality skate ramps. Over 10 years of experience in skatepark and skate ramp construction gives us extensive knowledge in materials and design. We have done the research and found suppliers for the best materials to use in Australian diverse climate. We constantly test and perfect our products to give you the longest lasting and durable premium quality skate ramps.

Here is an overview of some of the materials we use:



Skate Ply

This is KO Ramps own product. Skate Ply is a waterproofed plywood with a durable HDO (High Denstiy Overlay)  phenolic overlay and birch plywood core. Birch is highly resistant to rotting and decay and core layers are clued with a phenolic exterior glue which prevents it from delaminating. HDO phenolic overlay provides grip, wear resistance and prevents impregnation of water. 
Skate Ply is a cost-effective material and is featured in our Standard Outdoor Halfpipes.

For our Outdoor halfpipes we use Skate ply as the top and base layer surfacing. This way the halfpipe is also protected from any moisture rising up from the ground. 

It is low maintenance and requires no sealing or painting and will outlast any top quality marine plywood alternatives.

Pro Skate Composite

PRO Skate Composite is 100% weatherproof composite material specially engineered for skate ramps. Highest quality surfacing material for outdoor skate ramps. These composite panels are made using compressed paper impregnated with phenolic resin. This process makes composite panels water and UV resistant, durable and basically indestructible.
PRO Skate panels skate fast and smooth and provide the perfect amount of grip and slide. Easily cleaned and very low maintenance. 
Best combined with our Skate PLY products.

Birch Plywood

Birch plywood is one of the most widely used skate ramp surfacing materials. Birch is very tense yet flexible and also highly resistant to water damage, rotting and decay. Birch plywood we use is glued with exterior phenolic glue which prevents it from delaminating when used outdoors. 
It has no core gaps, meaning you would not have any inside plywood layers collapsing under the use of skateboarding. 
Birch plywood also has thicker veneers than regular Australian hardwood or marine plywood. Meaning you will have a highly durable surface with less chipping of the top layer whereas hardwood plywood quickly starts peeling/chipping after any contact with water. 
Raw birch plywood is used in our indoor/budget halfpipe kits. For outdoor use this product needs to be painted or sealed with exterior grade sealer.


Using the correct material for the base layer is also a key area for the longevity of your halfpipe. For the base layer we use Skate Ply laminated waterproof plywood. Since it is laminated on both sides and edges are sealed with paint, it is protected from moisture and water from entering the plywood. Also this eliminates the need of messing around painting and sealing every single plywood sheet when you are assembling our ramp kits. 

Many ramp builders are just using basic structural plywood for the base layer. This can be done but the plywood needs to be properly sealed with a waterproofing membrane (even if its H3 treated) otherwise the plywood will get waterlogged and start rotting from underneath where you wont be able to even see it. 

F17 & F22 Structural Form Ply

All our ramp parts are CNC machine cut from F17 or F22 structural form ply. Form ply has HDO phenolic overlay to prevent water from impregnating the plywood core. We seal all the cut edges with 3 coats of sealer to prevent the water from entering the plywood core. This is a critical step to ensure the longevity of the plywood parts. 
Form ply core is glued using exterior phenolic glue to prevent layers from delaminating due to water and moisture.

H3 LOSP Treated Timber

All timbers used for our outdoor kits are H3 LOSP treated. Light organic solvent preservative that contains copper naphthenates and synthetic pyrethroids as well as other chemicals to provide protection from insects and decay. LOSP is applied with vacuum pressure impregnation. This penetration allows the solvent to protect timber from moisture, termites and decay in the outdoors for up to 25 years.

Galvanised Hardware

All steel fixings and coping tubes are hot dip galvanized to prevent them from rusting and oxidation.

Stainless steel screws

Our outdoor halfpipe kits come standard with stainless steel surfacing screws. We use 12G thickness to prevent any screws from breaking and Torx head for ease of use and no stripping of screw heads. 

Silicone joints

Water is your halfpipe's worst enemy. We silicone all top surface joints to minimize any water from getting inside the layers of plywood. This little step will also give an extra protection from water entering the plywood core. 

With these few extra steps we make sure that your halfpipe is as protected from the elements of weather as possible.