Who we are 

KO Ramps is a Gold Coast-based skate ramp company specializing in CNC machined flat-packed skate ramps.  Our mission is to provide you with the highest-quality outdoor skate ramps.

Where we come from

KO Ramps was founded by Keijo (KO) Ruuven. KO originally comes from Northern Europe, Estonia where he worked as a professional skatepark builder and designer. He built his first halfpipe with his friends when he was 17 years old and joined a local skatepark construction company soon after.

For more than 10 years KO has built numerous plywood and concrete skateparks around Estonia and Northern Europe. He has been involved in constructing competition courses for one of the biggest extreme sports festivals in Europe called Simpel Session in Estonia and Helsinki Hookup in Finland.  

During his travels to Australia he picked up surfing and fell in love with the active lifestyle and perfect weather around Gold Coast. Being able to skateboard all year round and surf when waves are pumping he decided to stick around for good! 

From Skateboarders to Skateboarders

KO Ramps is solely operated by skateboarders who are passionate what they do. Every product we design and make has to be approved by our team. 

We thrive to constantly improve and find better materials to make our skateramps highest quality possible.