KO Ramps

Pre-assembled Mini Ramp (75cm high)


Portable/pre-assembled half pipe. This is our newest half pipe design - perfect little mini ramp to set up at a party, take to your holiday house or even hire out. Strong and sturdy constructions enables to install and de-install it time after time. 

With this skate ramp we have done all the hard work for you - each ramp part is precisely CNC machined to perfection and assembled in our workshop. It arrives to your door on a pallet where each part can then be carried (by 2-3 strong people) to your desired spot and bolted together. Just follow our simple step by step instructions. Whole set up should not take more than 1 hour! 

We have taken extra care to make each ramp part as weather resistant as possible. Framing is made using H3 treated timber and surfaced with our waterproof laminated plywood. Top layer is then siliconed onto the base layer to minimise any rain water from getting between the surfacing layers. For top surfacing you can either choose Pro Skate Composite phenolic resin panels or Skate Ply waterproof plywood. 

Each 1.2m wide ramp section includes:

  • 2 x transition parts and support legs
  • 1 x flat bottom
  • Bolts and fasteners 
What if you would like to make your halfpipe wider later on? Simply add another section as each part is made exactly identical. 

More information below about features, shipping and assembly. 


- Comes standard with SkatePly waterproofed phenolic laminated plywood skating surface. You can upgrade to Pro Skate Composite which is premium weather proof skate surface for an additional charge.

- High quality phenolic laminated plywood base layer. Laminated sides ensure that your halfpipe is protected against the water and moisture from top and bottom. 

- CNC machine cut F17 Formply phenolic laminated sides and platforms. 

- H3 treated pre-cut timbers and flat bottom framing. 

- 60mm galvanized heavy duty coping and hardware. Skatepark standard. 

-  Stainless steel screws.

- No nails or adhesives used. You can easily uninstall your ramp if you move your house. 

- All cut edges and CNC cut ramp parts are sealed with 3 coats of weather shield paint to protect the plywood from moisture and prevent delamination. This is a critical step to ensure the longevity of ramp parts. 

- Siliconed skate surface joints. We seal all the gaps and joints to minimize water from penetrating the plywood layers and water-logging your ramp. 

Flat packs: All our products can be shipped to main metropolitan areas using TNT Road Express. Flat packs arrive on 1-2 pallets. Halfpipes can require two people to unload (piece by piece). 

Local Installation: If you live within a 150km radius of Gold Coast, QLD we can assemble and deliver the ramp for you for an additional charge. Choose this option if you would like us to assemble your product. Once we have received your order we will contact you and schedule an installation/assembly. 

- Local Pickup: If you would like to pick up your ramp from our warehouse, there is no additional delivery charge. You can choose this during checkout. 

- Quoted installation: If you live outside the 150 km radius of Gold Coast, but would like us to install/assemble your product. Send us a message on our Contact page or email ko.ramps@gmail.com 

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