KO Ramps

Kicker ramp


This is where it all starts! Kicker ramp - it gives you the ability to start doing airs before you even master Ollies! 

We have added a coping rail on the edge of the kicker for some extra fun and creativity. You can either learn some basic stalls and disasters or use it in reverse for no-complies! 

Kicker ramp is designed to get you up and over just about anything. It gives the perfect amount of added boost and can easily be thrown on your skateboard and rolled through the streets with you.

Our kickers are rock solid and come with birch ply top surfacing and an extra layer of 9mm structural ply making them basically indestructible. It also features our unique gapless steel plate system! 

Kicker ramp kits are super easy to assemble! Just fasten the studs and add sub-sheeting. 

Surface material:

Flat packs: All our products can be shipped to main metropolitan areas using TNT Road Express. Flat packs arrive on 1-2 pallets. Halfpipes can require two people to unload (piece by piece). 

Local Installation: If you live within a 150km radius of Gold Coast, QLD we can assemble and deliver the ramp for you for an additional charge. Choose this option if you would like us to assemble your product. Once we have received your order we will contact you and schedule an installation/assembly. 

- Local Pickup: If you would like to pick up your ramp from our warehouse, there is no additional delivery charge. You can choose this during checkout. 

- Quoted installation: If you live outside the 150 km radius of Gold Coast, but would like us to install/assemble your product. Send us a message on our Contact page or email ko.ramps@gmail.com 

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