- Comes standard in raw 6.5mm Baltic birch plywood skating surface. Very attractive finish and super durable plywood. This plywood is exterior grade! 

CNC machine cut F17 Formply phenolic laminated sides. 

Untreated/H2/H3 pre-cut timbers - subject to availability. 

- 60mm galvanized heavy duty coping and hardware. Skatepark standard. 

- No nails or adhesives used. You can easily de-install your ramp if you move your house. 

- These half pipes can be used outside when sealed/painted with weather shield paint. All cut edges and CNC cut ramp parts need to be be sealed with 3 coats of weather shield paint to protect the plywood from moisture and prevent delamination. This is a critical step to ensure the longevity of ramp parts. Heavy duty tarpaulin is needed to cover your halfpipe when not being used.